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        Hui Zhou Yutai Metal Plastic Manufacturer Company Limited was set up in 1985 and is the core manufacturing hub for Kam Yeung and Charms Metal Manufacturer ( CMMC ) in a group based holdings company. During August 2007, Yutai invested more than 70 million RMB to finally relocate to a 50,000 sqm land to build a modern and advance manufacturing facility. Not only it boasts over 1,000 units of top machineries, it has also incorporated automation into its bulk production and crafting e.g Japanese “Sodick” automatic mould grafter to lower costs and increase efficiency. Our aim for more than 20 years is to provide our customers with quality products at reasonable prices and this business model, prompted us to strive the highest management standards as well as the creditability from our consumers.

       Through our sales hubs in Hong Kong ( HQ ), Shanghai, Qing Dao and Guang Zhou, CMMC not only provide the most d and fashionable items to our customers, it is also our main trading hub allowing us to export to ries the US, EU, Japan and other parts of Asia.

        Having acquired the ISO 9001:200 Management Standard and the Swiss OEKO 100 in 2004, we have taken a step further in passing the INTERTEK ECO CERTIFICATION in 2006 to ensure our manufacturing facilities is in accordance with the ever-changing global market. With 20 years’ of experience behind us, we are confident we can ensure our customers to receive accurate information about our products from a team of experienced sales professionals and serve them with true and honest services. We are trustworthy, reputable and confident our quality, services and products will meet the satisfaction of all our local and overseas customers.